History of


• Founded on 2011.02
Assembly line construction on 2011.06
• Supply Contract with Kleannara, SK Networks
• Natural Antibacterial mositure tissue production in January
• 3 Trademark Registration
• 2 Utility Model Registration in July (Natural Antibacterial moisture tissue, antibacterial hand towels & kitchen towels)
• Patent Registration (License contract) 10-1244778 (Natural inorganic antibacterial product and manufacturing method)
• Natural Antibacterial · Eco-friendly detergent Magic Scrubber development
• Patent Registration 10-1803544 (Disposable scrubber manufacturing method)
• 2 Trademark Registration
• GS Home Shopping 30th June Easy Wash – Safe Launching event sold out
• GS Home Shopping ‘I Love Small Businesses’ Episode 15 series broadcasting
• Nominated in the Gyeongbuk TP 100 Pride Companies
• 3 Exports to Japan
• Certification of Excellent Technology Evaluation Company
• 1 Trademark Registration
• Broadcasted – 2 times in Public Home Shopping, 2 times in SK Store, 3 times in Home and Shopping Co.
• GS MY SHOP serial broadcasting
• Recognized Social Enterprise by the governor of Gyeongbuk
• 3rd Broadcast in SK Store, GSMYSHOP and Public Shopping in progress
• Award Certificate from Minister of Employment and Labor
• Direct export to Japan
• Selected as a Rising Social Enterprise
• Start-up Company Certification
• Export expansion in Japan (QVC, KMK), Market expansion (Broadcasting in Saenggong Home Shopping)
• Installation of latest protective clothing fabric processing machine / Implementation of KF94, Dental Mask production machine

• FDA Certification Received

• KFDA Authorization (KF94, Dental Mask)
• Certification as a component and material maker company  (Filters and Cosmeseutical materials and components)

Company COREPNC     CEO KIM YOUNGSOON     Registration Number 515-81-41351

Address 421, Geumsong-ro, Wachon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do


FAX: 053.814.4391

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